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In this video we share with you the steps to becoming the recognized authority expert in your industry. Once people recognize you as the authority you can charge more. Think about celebrities. They get paid more as they get more famous, more recognized and more media coverage. You can mimic this same process Hollywood celebrities use to become a celebrity in your industry.

This works best in service businesses. Many times once you become the industry celebrity you can charge 3x, 10x or more for delivering the same results of your service. This can work for products when you think of how Apple Computer charges more and Rolls Royce charges more.

We go over the 3 main steps to establishing and maintaining your recognized authority over time.

1) Consistent media mentions
2) Expert material you publish – videos and articles
3) Become a Best-Selling author

We have a process to help you write your book without you having to write or type 1 word. Our team will do that. Refer to this article to see our process for getting your book written: How to Publish Your Book Without Writing 1 Word

We also help you get legitimate reviews of your book and we sell your book so you become a best-selling author in your category.

Consistent publishing of material on your topic keeps this process going. Even if you do only 1 article per month and 1 video it shows people in your industry you’re still on top of your game. So get out there and start building your industry celebrity authority now. Or call us to help you implement your authority plan.

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