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Complete Video Strategy

A Video Marketing Strategy

John Searchington, goes to the internet to find a good business.  He is the exact type of customer that you want for your business, but how do you get his attention among the thousands of searches he finds?

The answer is VIDEOS. 

As John searches, he notices some videos that have valuable information for you.  He finds your video because it looks like it was created especially for him.

Because of the intensive research, you created a video that would match what he would search and peak his interest in style and culture.

He watches a video that capture his attention.  He realizes how your business solves a problem in his life.  He feels like he knows your company because he connects with the content of your video through pictures, words, voice, emotion and all the senses your video engages.

The video has  call to action which encourages him to click on a link that takes him to your page. On your page he finds a video greeting him and picking up the conversation from your previous video.

Option 1: Since John does not know your company, he watches the video about your business.  He is intrigued by your story and is encouraged to click a link to find out more.

John finds a video offering a free course that your company developed that aids him in his decision buying.  He becomes a customer fully committed to you and your company and is so enthusiastic that he shares what he found with all his friends. (We call this a raving fan!)

Option 2: John has a specific need right now and goes right to the sales video.  He connects with the video since it is talking directly to him.  It points out the benefits and adds value to his decision making process.  John does not feel like it was a sales video, instead the video showed him the value that you offered and it solved a problem for him.

He purchases the product/service and becomes a happy customer.  You met his need and he remembers you when his friends mention a similar need. (We call this a walking billboard.)

You facilitated the buying decision of a potential customer because you had a strategic video marketing plan in place.  Both of these scenarios happened every day.

You know that your goal as a smart business person is to facilitate the customers buying experience.  You can use videos to become your 24/7 sales person when they are part of an effective business marketing strategy.

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