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Videos are Profit Driven Marketing

Profit Driven MarketingMany business people ask us why they need video.  They think that they should create a commercial, post it on Youtube and then, it supposed to magically work to bring in money. That is a false assumption.

Creating an ad will not bring you money by itself.  Sure, there may be a video that goes viral, but there is a lot of work they don’t tell you about when creating videos.  Plus, many of those video sat in obscurity for years before anything happened.

People are searching and finding videos

People are using sites like Google to search for information.  When they search, Google frequently places videos in the search.  People are 94% more likely to click on a relevant videos.  And if they watch the video they are 64-85% more likely to buy.

The key is to have a PROFIT DRIVEN STRATEGY.

Profit driven marketing focuses on the tracking what is working and making it work better to gain more profits.  All marketing should be tracked and adjusted, but with video it is so much easier.

Tracking Ads

First, let’s talk about coupons or magazine ads.  Let’s say they have a reader base of one million readers.  You put an ad or coupon out.  You get three new leads.  Let’s say you paid three hundred fifty dollars for our coupon ad.  You got a .0003% return on your ad.  If you are selling a hundred dollar product, you have just lost fifty dollars.  (And that is only if you actually convert those leads.)

Now, let’s say you create a video strategy.  You pay one hundred dollars in advertising.  Your ad is targeted to only the people you want to see it.  You only get two new customers.  You think, the magazine ad works better, right, not so.  With these ads you GAIN ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in profits.

Do you see the difference?

It is not about how many people may see your ad; it is not about how many customers you get. It is about how many targeted customers engage with your ad and are converted to customers.  It is proven that customers watching videos convert at a 144% better rate.

Why do videos convert?

Videos convert better because they are targeted to the customer sales cycle.  Basically, they meet customers where they are in their buying process.

If a customer is researching the idea of your product, they are not ready to buy yet.  You create an education video informing them about your industry or product.  This is not a sales video, but an education video.

If a customer has a problem they want solved, they are researching solutions.  You can create an ad sharing how you are the right choice to solve that problem.  You give them other solutions and show them how different solutions work, including your own.  Again, you are educating your customer and moving them closer to buying in the sales process.

If a customer is looking at options, they are ready to buy.  You create an ad that leads them to your webpage where you give them a report showing them what to do to buy.  In the report, you include how your company is the best choice.  This video has a strong call to action and really engages the buyer right where they are psychologially.

Aren’t strategies hard?

I know it sounds like a big task, but it is simple if you know behavior patterns of customers and what they are searching for.  You can tweak your ads to fit the demographics of your target audience and personalize your message directly to them.

You can try it out for yourself.  Everything you need is above or on this page.  If you want someone to walk you through it, we offer services in all profit driven models of marketing.  Go to our contact page, fill in your info and we will be in touch.  We would love to help you strengthen your profits.

Wrap up

You can see why video is so powerful.  It is targeted directly to the people who need your product at any phase in their buying process.  In print media, you have to put out a blanket ad and hope the right people see the ad.   If you want more profits (ROI) for your marketing efforts, you will want to adopt a profit driven marketing strategy.  We can help.

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