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domain names for businessA domain is like a street address for your computer.  If I want to visit your business, I know what street and what number to find you.  If you want to find your webpage, you know what address or domain to give to someone. (i.e. is your domain name.)

The internet works like an address.  There is a set of numbers, called an IP Address that tells other computers what computer (street) and where (address number) that page is located.

We take those numbers which would be hard to remember and assign them a name we can recognize.  That new name is a domain.

When you go to a web page, it is the domain name that you type in to get to a specific web page.

As a business owner, you want a domain name that represents your company.  There are many strategies to picking a good domain name, but if you want help from professionals, give us a call for a free strategy session.  We would love to help you get your name out on the world wide web and get people coming to your business to meet their needs.

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