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The Product: Samsung Galaxy S5

How they are Marketing: A cell phone takes the ice bucket challenge

Target: Cell phone users

Quick Run Through: A cell phone gets ice water dumped on it in support of ALS.*

Ninja Trick: The cell phone uses a charitable cause to demonstrate its ability to withstand water.

Subtle Message: Galaxy is better than IPhone or HTC.

Marketing Idea(s):

  • Trend Based Marketing: Watching trends helps you create something that ties into what people are looking at right now. You can go to Youtube Trends or Google Trends to find trends.  If you find a trend that is ‘hot’ right now, you could create a campaign that connects to those people if they are in your target market.  Be aware it is a trend and may be short lived so calculate that into your ROI.
  • Personified Product: Humor is always helpful in getting your point across. Have a phone take a challenge and give a challenge is brilliant.  Galaxy made this product a character.  They did not put cartoon eyes or make it move around, they just used the product as it was created.  Do you have a product that could be personified without getting cheesy?
  • *Connect to Cause: The ice bucket challenge is an awareness campaign about ALS.  They used the ‘trend’ of creating challenges on Youtube to implement this viral campaign.  They have raised $79.7 million dollars as I write this blog post!  People like to see companies that care about others.  They want to get behind someone who thinks like them. If you can become a face to a cause, your company will benefit.  Beware though, you have to really care about the cause.  Just putting your name on something could have the opposite affect if you are not truly behind what they stand for.

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