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web page for businessYou are on a web page reading this, so you probably know what a web page is, but how exactly does it work?  There are three main components: a browser, a web page and a server.


A browser is what you are viewing this page on while using your computer.   A browser you may use are things like Google Chrome, Internet Exporer, FireFox, Safari or many other hundreds of browsers.  These browsers decode the language of web pages called HTML and make the images and text into an image that you can recognize.


A webpage is a series of text and images that display on your screen in a specific order.  That order is dictated by a special language developed just for the internet called HTML.  HTML or hyper text mark up language allows a computer browser to display web pages in a uniform manner no matter where in the world you are accessing it.


No, this is not the guy that waits on you at your favorite restaurant.  A server is a group of computers that stay connected to the internet for the purpose of letting others view web pages.  Businesses and individuals ‘host’ their page on these servers so that everyone can see the page no matter what time of day or from what location in the world.

I hope this gives you a good framework to understanding the world wide web.  We know that the more business owners understand the internet, the more they can leverage the power of technology to their advantage.  If you want your business to succeed online, give is a call.  We offer a free twenty one point web analysis to get your web page working for you.

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