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videos for businessYou may think of commercials you see on your TV, but many businesses can make videos for all kinds of things that will help them gain more customers and connect to their existing customers more readily.

Here are the 7 most popular (and useful) types of videos any business owner can use:

Introduction to your business

Every business should have an introduction video.  They are the simplest kind of video because you just tell about your company.  Put this video on the front page of your web page and send all your marketing materials to this video. It helps the customer get to know your business and products.  You can use pictures, do a walk-thru of your company and introduce your employees, or anything that communicates your business.  ( Tip: Make sure it represents the ‘personality’ of your business.)

Product Reviews (Test Drive a Product)

Have you seen all the videos online with people opening a box to reveal the new electronic device they received?  They are all over and people love watching them.  People love to experience the joy of a product.  Use this idea to show off what your product does.  (Bonus Tip: If you want to see a company that had fun with their product, watch some ‘will it blend’ videos from a creative blender company.)

Process Videos

We worked with a chiropractor recently.  He wanted to show customers how professional and comfortable his practice was.  We walked through all the areas from seating to the exam room and even highlighted the children’s area. A process video tells your customer what steps they can expect when they do business with your company.  Customers love to be in the know when they visit a new business.  They will be connecting to your business and will more likely use your product or service. (Bonus Tip: Let customers feel like they are in the inner circle by sharing a secret or two.)

Customer Review/Testimony

Customers want to hear from other customers.  Even on our page we share what other customers have said.  These are real testimonies about how it is to work with your company.  If you have someone who is outgoing, they are usually more than willing to upload a video for you.  If you do a really good job, they may do a testimony for you on their own.  (Bonus Tip: We suggest having a strategy in place to create an environment that encourages customers to share their thoughts.)

Educating Videos

Every business has something that no one knows.  Take time to educate your customers about your product or services.  Don’t try to sale; be genuine and transparent.  Take time to educate the customer, and use a ‘how to’ type of feel. Consumers today want to be ‘in the know’ before they engage with a business. Inform potential customers about trends, processes and reasons behind what you do.  (Bonus Tip: If you really want to connect, share you passions about why you do business.)

Video Interviews

If you have never been on the news, your day will come.  Why not get a head start and have a video interview of you for your business.  If you work with a company, they can provide professional backgrounds, introductions and a lot of flare.  Or you can do something as simple as a have a friend dress nicely and interview you. The possibilities are endless.  (Bonus tip: Call around to get Google Hangout with a local celebrity and record it.  Make sure it ties into your company.)

Expert Videos

Few business owners take time to share their knowledge with their community.  The community loves to be informed.  A pesticide company can inform the community about a particular type of bug or even give ‘healthy bug’ tips for a good garden.  Be creative about what you can share and you may just find out you truly are an expert. Offer to share these at clubs and community events, and record your speaking.  (Bonus Tip: Be an expert and own your market by sharing your knowledge with your community.)

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