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videos for businessIn our last video we discussed the types of videos that business owners can create for their business. In this article, we discuss the WAYS those videos can be done…and some of them don’t involve video cameras!

Live Action

The most simple and easiest is a live action video.  Get the video out and record.  People like the spontaneous video and who knows what you may find on your journey while you record.



This is the second most common way of doing videos.  Commercials you see online and on TV have a script so they know what to say, when to say it and how to use the camera.



There is software that shows other people what is on your computer screen.  You can use this to show pictures, powerpoint or all kinds of things and all you need is a microphone for your voice.  There are a lot of paid versions, but there are even some free ones. Jing, will do up to 5 minutes screen capture for free. (Videos for Youtube should be 2-3 minutes anyway!)


Animation Video

Even if you are not an animator with a little trial and error you can create your own animated video for free.  For instance, GoAnimate gives a basic characters and backgrounds for a minimal price.


Animoto Style

Animoto is a basic photo sharing video program.  You can post photos, add text and record a nice little video without a camera.



We mentioned Interviews in our previous article, but an interview is a specific way to create a video.  We suggest at least 2 cameras, preferably three.  Or you can do a ‘split-screen’ like they do many times on a news cast where both faces are on the screen at the same time.


There are many ways to do videos.  We just wanted to give you the 7 most common ways to do a business video.  If we can help, call us or drop us a line. Otherwise, have fun getting your business message to the world.


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