Ask About Our Start Up Branding Package: Business Coaching, Branding, Webpage and Social Media Set Up!

Your business is unique and you expect to be treated just like any big business would.  You are on the field and developing your business skills just like everyone else.  You know the way you want your business to go and you are ready to swing for the fences. Because of that, we select the right amount of marketing to get you the best value so you can get where you want to go.  We take time to get to know you and understand your needs.

Don’t get caught with a company that is out to just sell you the newest craze and latest fad or pre-built package. We truly take your needs into consideration and look at your ‘whole business.’  We look at your location, industry, internal systems, current marketing trends.  We develop a strategy that includes your company ‘persona.’  Our custom built packages start at just five hundred dollars:

  • Maximize what you are currently doing for your customers so you are ready to bring in new customers.
  • Design new campaigns to bring in new customers you may currently be missing.
  • Customer re-activation campaigns.
  • Customer follow-up campaigns to spur more repeat sales and gain referrals.
  • Reputation building strategies that help you stand out as the ‘one’ choice in your market. (It should make no sense for your prospects to choose any of your competitors.)
  • We design a combined strategy of internet, cell phone, and ‘old school’ methods that are working today.

If you want to know line by line what kind of things we offer, we have created an ‘a la carte‘ page with all the technical names of what we offer.

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