Ask About Our Start Up Branding Package: Business Coaching, Branding, Webpage and Social Media Set Up!

You are a rock star in your industry, just no one really knows it yet.  You have developed a successful business and have an expert opinion on your business.  Someone needs to step up and be an authority in your industry…it might as well be you. You know what you want and we can help you get there.  Here are a few packages we can use to help you create your expert authority  platform.

Expert “Increase your Referrals” Authority Package – Imagine being on CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox News.  Do you think that would get people’s attention?  It will.  Our expert package does just that. The 4 step ‘become the local expert celebrity in your industry’ process includes news style interview, review getting strategy, SEO on the expert interview for the expert’s name and business name, and a guaranteed feature on Fox, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, and ABC. Investment of $5,000 1-time fee, $500/mo to $1,000/mo depending on the industry and it’s required service level.

All In One “Hands Off” Package – Imagine having a complete online presence and all you have to do is sit back and watch it grow.  We make you look good online by creating your entire online presence.  We set up a professional authority web page. Create a mobile marketing page for lead generation.  We set up and run a social media campaign including monthly videos and postings to major social media channels. Basically, we run your entire authority creation media campaign for you. (Starts at $3,000 a month)

All Star Local Buzz campaign – This is a package that get the social media really going.  We look at all your local areas and make sure your company is in the main directories and there are no duplicate entries.  We make sure your local market is saturated with your message.  (Starting at $1,500)

Write Your Book Campaign – Imagine being able to say that you are a published author?  Everyone in business has a book in their head and you can make yours a reality.  This package takes your knowledge and helps create your book for you. We can even make sure you become a ‘best selling’ author as part of the package.  We interview you, type up the notes, edit, proofread, compile, and format the book.  All you do it add your expertise, approve the cover and we will get your book on Amazon and send you a copy.  We even offer hand’s off, ghostwriting packages.  (Starting at $5,000)


We like to tell our customers, “Let us be your Marketing Brain, so your brain can focus on your business.”

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