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Understanding Your Customer


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Digging Deeper to Understand Your Customer

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 You want to make more money, you want to make your business to grow, and you want more customers! To do all that, you have to start with your customer! Find out who your customer is. Then, find out how they think. That is how you will impact you customer!

What is a Target Market?

Let’s talk about target market for a second. A lot of times in marketing we hear people say, “What is your target market?”  “Who are you geared towards?” These are demographics: things like

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geo-location
  • Socio Economic Status
  • Education

Examples of a target market: if you’re selling a specific type of watch, maybe your market is a forty year old man who makes a hundred thousand dollars a year and may have a college degree;  maybe you sell yoga’s gear and its women between ages 30-45 who are into fashion and live within a 25-mile radius of your store.

Now these are two specific target markets geared towards demographics. It simply means that you will communicate differently with a forty year old man than you do with 30 year old woman. That’s just basic knowledge of understanding your customer.

But we want to go beyond just who they are and where they live.  We want to go into how they think! There’s an old saying that says, “If you wanna catch a bear began to think like a bear” So, how can you think like your customer?

Two ways of thinking

Let’s start simple. How do they relate to the world and how they relate to your business? These are the two areas we’re going have to cover.  If you want to do more than your competitors are doing; if you want to beat your competitors, you have to understand these two areas of your customer’s life: How they relate to the world and how they relate to their business.

Let’s look at this if we’ll put it all together. Your typical demographics at the top over left hand side other things how they relate to the world on the right hand side on how they relate to your business. But let’s go through this step-by-step, so you’ll understand it a little better what this looks like, okay?

So, we talked about the demographics; they are important. You do need to know that typical person you’re going after. Some people even name them you know:  “Potential Pete” or “Customer Cathy.” Whatever you need to do to get that target market in your head, do it! You can even cut out a picture of what up that person will look like to see you can communicate better. But if you really want to dominate your market you have to dig into what your customers are thinking.

Let’s get to it; let’s just jump right in! I’m not getting into that spill about who I am and everything. If you’re watching this video, you found it online; you know what you’re looking for. You want your business to grow and you want to dominate your market.

What special jargon do they use?

Ok, first off, these people have special jargon. It’s their specific word that they talk to with one another.  In the market world or the business world, we talk about the ROI or return on your investment. Maybe if you’re an accountant, you talk about depreciation; those things maybe if you’re younger person you talk about YOLO: you only live once right, right? Or if you’re really a person who can say, “Todes” you know that’s not a frog that’s totally; it’s like “agreement.” But you can use those words to connect, I f you understand the jargon they’re using, that word can communicate to your customer when you use it in your marketing campaigns.

What encourages them?

What makes them feel special? Is it awards? Is it a gift? Special recognition, shout outs,  maybe it’s money, cars, boats, vacations who knows what it is but you need to understand what makes your customer feel special. If you can make them feel special, you could do some amazing things! How about writing your name on a cup like Starbucks does, just so that it knows your name?

You know those kind of things; if you can understand what makes them feel special, they’ll feel special to come into your store. When they buy your product they’re going to continue to buy. They’re going to tell their friends about it and you can do so much more! So what encourages them is very important to get a hold of.

What they fear?

What are the things your customers are trying to avoid? Is it about the reputation? The money? The fact that they’re going to get ripped off? I’m not talking about spiders or ghosts or things like that. We’re talking about things that they have internal fears that drive them. These are driving fears that make them do what they want to do. If you can connect to one of those fears and use that in your marketing piece, you will have a customer for life!

What do they love?

On the opposite end, what do they love?  You know, what are they passionate about?  Do they have a social cause? Maybe there’s a cause in your community that you can connect in with.  Maybe there’s a celebrity or sports team and you can go against another sports team and really get people on board with your company because you’re with that. Maybe there’s a political cause? Or maybe it’s…Maybe it’s a free stuff. A lot of people like free stuff and if you connect with your customers something free to get them in the door to connect with them deeper maybe that works for you. There are some really good books on resources on that. You need to dig into this about this by yourself but find out what is it your customers love and how you can connect to that.

What are they suspicious of?

 What brings up their BS alarms? That’s “baloney sandwich” for those of you who don’t cuss.  What brings up your customers’ alarms? You know, those salesy words, quick talkers. Are you too quick to get to the sale? You promise too big; you use fancy words. Be careful of the things that they’re suspicious about. You don’t want to become one of those people. If it’s all about you, you’re probably not going to get much response from them. They’re suspicious on that. They want to know how help they can have a value for themselves.

And as a business you need to communicate value to your customer. You don’t want to say, “Hey, I’m the business and I know what I’m doing.” You wanna say, “You’re the customer and here’s how I can add value to your life”. If you can do that you’ll go pass those BS alarms and get into something much deeper.

Relating their world to your business

So, the first set is how they’re thinking, how they relate to themselves and the world. Now, we’re going to focus a little bit different of transition as it relate to how they relate to your business. Okay, they relate to the world in one way but now how do they connect to your business. These are things that they go through when they’re thinking about your business. If you want to own your market and grow your business, you have to understand how they relate not only to themselves but also to their business.

What is their opinion about themselves?

 So look at this is, this is kind of weird way to the think about it; so rough with but their opinion about themselves; their identity is wrapped up in how they present themselves. If you can connect to how they perceive themselves, your business is going to run circles around the competition.

Here’s a simple example: A Rolls Royce costs lots and lots of money! Okay, two hundred and eighty thousand dollars I think is the cheapest one you can buy. Well, it is made by BMW and it has virtually the same on how they work into it. Just a different body style as a typical BMW; that’s going to run you about eighty thousand dollars so why would you buy a two hundred and eighty thousand dollar car that is made virtually, identically to an eighty thousand dollar car? It’s because of how you want to be perceived.

You want to be perceived differently. If they feel like when they come to your location they are perceived differently they are going to connect with your business. If there’s something in your business that has them connected who they are as their identity as whom they’re trying to portray themselves to be, you’ll run circles around your competition.

I really want to get that phrase in there because if you want to dominate your market you have to do more than everybody else is doing. If you understand the opinions your customers have about themselves and you can identify with those customers you will have a customer for life and they will be your brand ambassador. They’ll tell everybody about it! This is the greatest place to start when you start connecting them into your business.

How do they relate to the topic of your business?

What about the topic of your business? How do they think about your industry; your company? What about the perception of what you offer? I mean really and truthfully, this when you dig down to yourself: How do your customers actually see you? When a customer walks in your front door, what do they think about your business? What do they think about your topic? Is it way out there? Is it something they’re familiar with? Is there a thousand people out there doing it? How does a customer see you? If you can communicate with them, past their attitude, get past that idea of what they are, you’ll get so much better traction with your customers.

What level of information do they have about your business?

What about the level of info? What do they know about your business, your industry or your company?  Do you need to inform them about something? Maybe they don’t understand something; really have a misunderstanding about something and you can clear that up?  What do they really need to know about your company? Get them the information they need to know and you’ll have a lot better customer for life!

What does your customer want?

Now ALL this stuff we talked about all comes into one big category which is simply: What does your customer want? If you want to dominate your market, if you want your business to grow beyond your personal expectations right now where it’s at you’ve got to connect to them. You’ve got to position yourself so that you are the only solution to their desires and their business. I want to repeat that, position yourself so that you are their only solution.

I know this is a lot to take in.  If visit our webpage we have a free gift just for you.  It is a free worksheet so you can go through all of the things we talked about, step-by-step with your own business customer: And you can download it for free, no strings attached, just so you can start to develop this understanding of your customer better.  If we can help you better identify your customer or help your business grow get in touch with us now.  There is no time to wait when the future of your business is at stake.


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