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The Product: Coca-cola

How they are Marketing: The Story of Emotion

Target: Internet Users; Anyone who has seen the negativity online

Quick Run Through: Hate emerges on the internet until a worker spills Coke on a server bank which ‘infects’ the internet with happiness.

Ninja Trick: The flashing images of their logo right before ‘happiness’ arrives sets a mental image that their soda brings happiness.

Subtle Message: Coca-cola can make you happy.

Marketing Ideas You Can Use:

  • CATCH ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY: The first few seconds of this commercial shows disturbing images.  It makes you wonder what is coming next.  Make sure any marketing or advertising you create connects to your audience immediately.  Have a strong ‘hook’ to your message to catch attention.
  • USE EMOTION: When you come up with a marketing campaign, ask yourself if it entices emotion.  Can your target audience relate to the emotions represented in your marketing efforts?  This includes videos, web pages, and even printed items (coupons, business cards, posters, etc.)
  • MAKE IT RELATABLE: Can your audience relate to the situations you lay out in your advertising and marketing?  The key to any good marketing is to connect to a problem that your customer has and show a quick solution from your company.
  • CREATE ACTIONABLE SOCIAL MEDIA: This add ends with a hashtag (#MakeItHappy).  I was disappointed because they could have done so much more than just their bottle with a hastag.  They really did not follow through on the concept.  Imagine a line right below the hashtag that simply read: “Share your internet struggles #MakeItHappy” Then, when someone posted something, they got a ‘happy’ response.  They could have even had a ‘happy redo’ where someone puts in a bad comment and a software makes the bad comment a happy one.  The key is to do more than just post a hashtag…make it something actionable.

can you market happiness?

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