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The Product: IKEA Stores (Catalog?)

How they are Marketing: Twisting a familiar concept

Target: Techies, Upper Middle Class, Yuppies

Quick Run Through: A worker reveals their new catalog as if it was a new digital tablet.

Psychology Behind the Ad: Creating an ad that seems like something else causes an anchor to form in the brain.  After watching the ad, your brain will literally think of that ad the next time you see an ad for a tablet.  It caused such a turn over in your awareness center that you can’t help but remember this ad when a ‘normal’ ad plays.

Ninja Trick: Twisting a concept (treating something like it is something else) cause a trigger in the brain and humor helps anchor that thought.

Subtle Message: IKEA is on the cutting edge of things.

Marketing Idea(s)

  • marketing strategy twistedUse the ad style from a different industry: Many advertisers have used different ads from different types of companies to sell their merchandise.  As a matter of fact, a few furniture companies have grown tremendously popular due to the fact that they started advertising like used car salesmen.  (Just look up an old ad for Gallery Furniture in Houston.)  That trigger made their outrageous characterization acceptable and people responded.  What are some ads you appreciate from different styles of companies?  Is there one you can use in your business?
  • Take something common and make it extraordinary: This ad takes a catalog that many companies are removing from and turns it into something exciting.  The way the catalog is treated makes something in your brain say, “I want one of those.”  What can you take from your company and make the mundane extraordinary?
  • Take the concept to a new level: I saw another ad where there was a lady ‘unboxing’ her new catalog.  If IKEA planned that, BRILLIANT!  They took their concept and really pushed the envelope by making it ‘just like’ the craze people have had for tablets.  What is a concept that you can push just past the next logical level in your marketing?

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