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Trust is Business Currency

In today’s social economy, trust is one of the most powerful sales tools you can use.  Many businesses, fail to leverage this powerful tool that every business has.

Here is a check list to see how your business is doing in the trust currency: (Download a printable pdf checklist here.)

Social Media Icon (+10 if using a picture; -10 points if using a logo)

Social media icon, also called profile pics, are used by many businesses.  Most use their business logo because they are trying to build a brand.  I understand that point of view, but I want you to think about using a picture of you on your social media icons.

People buy from people.  Social media is about being social.  If your face shows up beside all of your posts, people ‘feel’ like they know you and can trust you.  People buy from people they know like and trust.  You get +10 points if you use a picture.  You get an additional  +10 points if you add personality to your photo.

Social Media Posting  (+10/-10)

If you are posting information to help your customers you get +10 points.  Social media is about sharing information that will benefit your customer.  If they feel like you have helped them, they will want to do business with you.  +10 points if you use original content that is entertaining and useful.

Values Page (+10 if you have one;-10 if you don’t)

If you have a values page that shows what your company thinks is important, you get 10 more points.  This page needs to be in words that engage the reader and create connection. You get +10 points if it is entertaining and shows off your personality.

Slogan (+10/-10)

Check your slogan or byline to your business.  “We are the best gym in Dallas” tells what you do.  You want it to focus on your customer. “Get in the best shape of your life” tells the benefit that a customer gains by using your business.

About (+10/-10)

Look at your about page.  Sure people go there to find out about your business, but they want to know about the people.   +10 points if you highlight the people on your page.  Add another  +10 points if you focus on your customer even when you are sharing about your business.

Web Page Design (+10/-10)

When somone views your webpage, they are looking to see if you can do what they need, but more than that, they are looking to see if you can be trusted. The design and focus of your page is crucial to building connections with your customers.  If your webpage represents the culture of your business, you get +10 points.  You may need to ask someone to look at your page and give their thoughts.

Basically, you want your page to ‘feel’ like your business.  If you business is bright and cheery, the words and images on your page should show that.  If your business is serious and strong, you want your page to represent that.  You get an +10 points for the look of your page; +10 if it is focused on your customer more than what you do; +10 if you have an incentive to get a customer to interact with your business.

Remember, you web page is the hub for all of your online marketing.  Most consumers will check out a webpage before ever coming to a business. (Statistics range from 60%-89% depending on your business.)  (Click here to see our article about webpages.)

A Word About adding PERSONALITY to your business

Each business has an ‘internal culture.’  This is the ‘feel’ you get when working for a business.  If you can bring that culture to your customers, you will have a loyal following and your business will grow by simple word of mouth.

Too many businesses try to be so professional that they lose connection with customers.  You want to show customers that you are just like them.  If they can relate to you, they are more likely to do business with you.

In social media, you want to stand out.   For instance for your social media photo, don’t just look straight at the camera a smile: make it black and white, tilt your head and laugh, make a face that catches attention; have your logo interacting with your face; take a picture of the business “mascot”. . . I think you get the point.

I would love to help you develop trust in your market.  Use our contact page or give us a call.  We do a full evaluation of your digital presence and give you a complete plan of action to take your business to the next level.


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