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trophyThere is an old saying and a lot of advertisers use to sell their clients: “If you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it is bound to stick.”

Smart business owners know marketing can be much more powerful when it is strategically planned.

Recently, I watched an commercial from a name brand car company. A lady walked out in gold evening dress, from behind gold glittery curtain.  She walked up to a set of awards setting on a pristine white pedestal.  She pointed at the awards and talked about how awards show how good the world how good you are.  Then, she pointed at a car and said the car got an award for safety.  Then, they show the car driving down the road and the text showed how much you can save if you buy that car now.

That was it.  There was no buy-in; there was no need established.  The message was: “we won an award, now buy our car.”

They could have talked about how you look driving this car if they wanted to emphasize prestige of awards.  They could have talked about how safety makes you get an award with your family.  They could have even had the wife letting her husband buy this ‘cool’ car because she saw that it won a safety award.  But, they did not.  They showed the glitz and expected you as a consumer to buy.

I am sharing this commercial to illustrate the difference between tactical and strategic marketing.

The tactical was the glitter, the awards and the fact that it was a commercial (video).  When you think of marketing, you may think of billboards, yellow pages, social media, web pages and all those various things.    Things are ‘tactical.’   These are the tools you use to get information to your clients or customers.

Tactical marketing works great IF it is part of a wholistic marketing strategy.

Strategy focuses on the message, then puts the message in the right context to make the biggest impact.  

Is your marketing focused on just getting your name out there?

Or is your marketing strategically focused to highlights exactly why the customer should buy from you and only you?

If you need help defining the best strategy for your business, we should talk.  Contact one of our experts today!


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