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The Product: New Late Night Munchie Meal at Jack in the Box

How they are Marketing: Slice of life humor moment

Target: Twenty somethings

Quick Run Through: A Puppet Jack is waiting till the late night meals start with a guy who is staring at the clock.

Ninja Trick: The clock reinforces the time for the new menu and is repeated twice, but not verbally the second time.

Subtle Message: People get munchies late and Jack in the Box caters to your needs.  Some have mentioned that this may be a reference to people who get munchies due to chemicals..ahem…marijuana.  The guy is watching a clock and thinking it is time to turn into a werewolf, so make your own assessment of that.

Marketing Idea(s):

  • Time Based Promotion: Think about your business.  Is there something that you can tie to a certain time of the day.  Use rhymes and clocks to reinforce the time.  You see this a lot with local news stations who go ‘live at five.’
  • Slice of life: Pick a moment that almost anyone in your target market can relate to.  Develop a campaign that relates to a common situation for them.  Think about your ideal audience and do your research.  What are some situations that are common in their world.  If you are having trouble finding them, find a sitcom that they frequently watch.  It will reveal multiple situations for you to build on.
  • Inside joke:  The second time that Jack asks what time it is, we know what the main character will say.  We may even think he may turn into a werewolf, but at least we know the answer.  It makes us feel like we are part of the situation.  What kind of a ‘secret’ could you let your audience know about?
  • Open Loop Questions: Open loop questions are filled in the mind of the viewer.  The Jack character does not actually answer the question, but you know what the answer is.  He leaves it open and your brain fills in the answer.  Open questions are a valuable marketing tool.  If you can remember the old investment commercials, “When E.F. Hutton talks….”  Your mind automatically fills in the blank.

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