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I want to share with you a recent campaign by Wendy’s.  I think they did a tremendous job of engaging their customers.

First let’s look at the campaign.

These are the front and back of their cups.  They tell the customer that they will send $5 to a charity if the customer makes a heart with their hands and shares it on social media.



Let’s quickly talk about why this works.

  1.  Customers like to feel like they are helping others, especially when it does not cost them any additional money.
  2. Customers ;look good’ when they share a good cause on social media.
  3. Customers see Wendy’s as a caring company.
  4. Customers have fun with the sharing.
  5. Customers friends see the post and they want to be seen as a caring person also…so they may go to Wendy’s to be part of the cause.

The marketing campaign is simple and effective.

Put it into action:

Think about how your company can engage your customers, help your community and bring in more business.  When you get the right mix, your customers will take up the charge and share your message for you.

If you need any help coming up with a campaign that fits your customer and your community, get in touch with us and let’s see what we can dream up together.

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