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creating digital products bankEveryone is an expert at something including you.  It could be a hobby.  It could be something that you learned in school.  It could be something that you learned at a job.  It could be something you are naturally good at.  Well, there are people who will pay for your expertise.

Digital products are simply trainings you provide based on your expertise.  You put them online for sell in digital form like documents, audios or videos.  There is a lot of money to be made if you can connect to your target audience.

Here are some examples of actual products:

  • There is a place to learn to train your dog called The Dog Training Secrets.
  • There is a product that shows you how to play golf and even one for taking your golf product to golf courses to get them in stores.
  • There is even a product that shows you how to clean your house.

Some products have memberships attached to them (increasing the return on a product)

  • There is a membership for moms who take pictures called Click Click In Moms.
  • There is a membership for people who eat raw foods called the Raw Food World.
  • There is even an embroidery club that members pay a yearly fee to get designs called the Internet Embroidery Club.

The point is that almost any specialty can be turned into a product.

I know what you are thinking  (I thought the same thing): “Can’t you just find a lot of this stuff online for free?”  Yep!  You can find a lot of this stuff for free.  Go to Youtube and see how many golf training videos, sewing videos, raw food recipes and dog training secrets there are.  Yet, people are still buying the products I mentioned!

There are two reasons that membership and digital products work: convenience and community.


Anyone can find the information if they take time to look for it.  As a society, we don’t want to take additional time to find all the info out there.  I mean, how many times have you got frustrated having to wait a whole two minutes for your food to finish in the microwave? (Maybe, it’s just me.)

Then, we get bogged down in the amount of info that we may not ever reach what we are actually looking for.  We get sidetracked or frustrated that we don’t get exactly what we want right when we search for it.  Honestly, we just want someone to tell us what the best stuff is.

Digital products get all the best information in one place.  It is like sitting down with an expert (that’s you) and asking him/her all the questions about a subject you want to know about.  It is an ‘insiders’ trek to success quicker.

Plus, you get it when you order it. You don’t have to wait for it to get shipped or processed and it is all handled automatically.  The power of this is that you don’t have to do anything once your system is in place and you catch the buyer at the moment he/she decides to buy.


Everyone wants to belong to something.  There is a shared goal in a community.  I have seen many companies offer a ‘secret’ Facebook group or Google+ community just for people who are part of the membership.  It makes that group more valuable when they share information with each other and it does not cost anything for you to set up.  Plus, you may learn something or see a recurring need that could translate into a new product.

Besides, it makes you feel special when you are part of something.  Memberships give people a way to connect to a shared interest.  Everyone in the group talks about a specific topic that ‘I’ am interested in.  In essence people think, “These people are like me.”  It makes them feel special because they belong.

Your Product

You have something that you do that you can teach someone else.  You are an expert at something and you can share that information…and make money doing it.  If you are interested in developing your product or finding out how you can make money with something you love doing, let’s talk.  Use our contact page and tell us about your passion.  Make sure you put ‘digital product’ in the subject line.  We will be waiting to hear from you so we can help you be a digital success.

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