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The Product: Old Spice

How they are Marketing: Absurd situation

Target: Men

Quick Run Through: A robot tries to kick a soccer ball and ends up falling on a woman.  He smells good because he is using Old Spice and the woman does not mind that he fell on her.

Ninja Trick: Absurdity. Let me start by saying that this commercial is on a slippery slope.  It tries to use the absurd to catch your attention and get shared.  That may work as a gimmick, but there must be more to it in order for an absurd ad to take hold.  Absurd ads catch the reticular activating system, but there must be a hook to get the watcher to remember the product and decide to use it.

Subtle Message: If you smell good, it helps in awkward situations.

Marketing Idea(s):

  • Extremes: This ad takes the extreme so far it is absurd.  This activates the brain to notice something is out of the ordinary.  Take your ideas to their furthest thought and see how you can catch people’s attention.  Then, you need to do something to keep that attention.
  • Humor: A robot using deodorant is funny.  The character is creepy, so I am not sure this will work.  The key to humor is to make it universal.  An inside joke only works if your customers are inside.
  • Trends: It is no mistake that an ad titled soccer came out during the World Cup.  Use common trends and topics to feed into your product or service.  Tie them into a trend that you know is coming up and ride the wave of frenzy.  Again, make sure you have more to offer than just a nod towards trends.

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