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Today’s ad comes as a suggestion from a new follower on our Youtube page.  They suggested we review the “8” campaign from Matress Firm, so here we go . . .

The Product: New Mattress

How they are Marketing: Informational

Target: Couples

Quick Run Through: The number 8 reminds people that they should replace their mattress every 8 years.

Ninja Trick: They tie the number ‘8’ in with words: Gr8, Celebr8, Heaveyw8, etc.

Subtle Message: In China the number 8 has major significance.  Branding the 8 with their company and using the words may help people remember to replace their mattress.

Marketing Idea(s):

  • Inform Your Customer: When you buy a mattress that says it last 20 years, you don’t plan on replacing it in eight years.  This campaign informs consumers what happens at eight years.
  • Use the power of Ewww: Did you see the portion after ‘heavyw8?”  An old mattress has “Pounds of dead skin, gallons of sweat, millions of dustmites.”  Ewww…they showed some gross images that really catches your attention.  Is there a problem in your industry that customers may not be aware of?  Let them know by showing what the consequence is.
  • Tie In: Mattress Firm did not do this well.  The friend who suggested this video did not remember what company it was from.  It would have been good to tie in the 8 with their company.  Even something cheesy like “Mattress Firm your Gr8 mattress company.”  Any kind of campaign should tie into your branding and image.  Just putting your logo at the end or at the bottom of a video is not enough.

If you need help implementing these ideas in your business don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and your business succeed.

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