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Some people have asked why we do ad reviews.  The answer is simple: You can learn about marketing and find new ideas for your business by analyzing what is working.  With that said, enjoy Captian Obvious.


The Product:

How they are Marketing: Humorous character-based ads.

Target: Families (this specific video).

Quick Run Through: Captain Obvious meets guests in a room that looks like something from a horror movie.  He points out the ‘obvious’ about the room and suggests they should have used to get ‘real’ reviews instead of lies.

Ninja Trick: Humor always works when it is done in good taste.  This humor focuses on the fears that families have when traveling.  Every parent wants to stay in a safe environment for their kids and save money.  Why not use a horror scene to take the situation to the extreme and make it funny.

Message: is a safe place to hear reviews from actual people.

Marketing Idea(s):

  • Extremes: Start a problem your company solves or a need your customer has.  What would happen if you take it to an extreme?  Could it be funny or serious?  Remember to evoke emotion.
  • Humor: Find the humor in what you do and be playful with your message.
  • Character: If it fits for your company, create a character ‘archetype’ that can repreesnt your message.  Think beyond celebrity endorsement and create a character.  For example: Flo from Progressive, Ronald McDonald, Jack from Jack in the box,  the lizard from Geico, the Pilsbury Dough boy,  or the cows from Chik-fil-a. Find your voice and find your character.

If you need help implementing these ideas in your business don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help you and your business succeed.

Also, if you have a national or global ad you would like us to review, let us know by using our contact page.

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