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The Product: AT&T Wireless Network

How they are Marketing: Situational Humor

Target: Business offices

Quick Run Through: Some ‘geeks’ are in the ceiling installing a new network when a lady comes into the conference room.

Ninja Trick: People love stories.  This whole commercial is like a mini sitcom.  You may even be able to see where the humor comes from.

Subtle Message: There is not much subtlety when they come out and say it at the end of the video: “At&T is building you a better network.”

Marketing Idea(s):

  • Use story: Everyone loves a good story and if you can make the story simple and to the point, you can have a great marketing tool.
  • Use funny situations: Look for funny things that someone in your market can connect with.  Create a ‘slice of life’ video to use as marketing.
  • Use ‘real’ world characters: People want to relate to other people.  Find ‘types’ of people that relate well with your business and create a marketing specifically campaign for them.

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