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I believe we can learn about advertising and marketing from any industry.  Today we will look at Always new ad called “Like a girl.”

The Product: Always sells feminine products.  (If you are a girl, you know.)

How they are Marketing: Empathy and catharsis of revelation.

Target: Females in general, but specifically teenagers.

Quick Run Through: I really like these ads.  No one has done a better job on getting to the emotion of young ladies.  Dove did a great job with their beauty series, so kudos to them also.  There is a hair care product that is trying to do this, but they are missing the mark because they are not reaching the heart.  You can not get to the heart through the mind: you start with the heart and reach the mind.

Always hits a home run right to the heart of young ladies. They are endearing a new generation to their brand.  Instead of creating the newest next big thing, they are simply creating an emotion and connecting to their audience.

Ninja Trick: This is a great ad campaign.  They start with what we know, “Throw like a girl.”  Everyone knows what that ‘means.’ Then, they turn it on its head when they show little girls and their prospective. It is an emotional ‘aha’ moment that makes even males think about that phrase.

Subtle Message: Always does not even mention their product.  They use the logo as part of the text, but that is all.  They take the watcher on an emotional ride into the lives of girls.  In essence, they are saying, “We get you.”  They are creating a message that pushes back on stereotypical thoughts about girls.

Marketing Idea(s): Use emotion.  When you get to the heart, the head will follow.  When videos are done right, they are a powerful medium to share a powerfully emotional message.

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